Fast, effective and reliable

Fast, effective and reliable Solutions in logistics


Solution-oriented fleet equipment.

Righteousness and honesty are

Righteousness and honesty are our primary principles.

High-powered and up-to-date

High-powered and up-to-date fleet equipment.

International Transport

Our firm was founded in 2005 to provide services in international transportation sector. In the field of transportation, it produces distinctive solutions for sector-oriented demands with its expert staff. EBAM has managed to be the most reliable partner of its customers in a short time thanks to its powerful and specific solution-focused fleet that is designed to respond all various demands.


Fast and efficient
solutions by sport-friendly
EBAM Nakliyat

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Smart textile solutions

We transport fashion.

We carry products to all fashion stores, from production point to end user address.

We own the biggest hanging garments fleet of the Aegean region. With our special equipped hanging garments trailers, we store your complete and partial hanging garments loads delicately and transport them safely to the delivery point for all European countries. All of our hanging garments vehicles are mega size and you have the possibility to load your hanging products with more capacity without any extra cost