Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources policy aims to ensure that all personnel not only adopt customer satisfaction and productivity as fundamental principles, but also encourage them to become open to progress and innovation with the purpose of maintaining our company’s development and advancement.

Human Resources Values

  • Suitability/Loyalty to Corporate Vision and Culture
  • Creativity and Innovativeness
  • High Motivation
  • Successful, Focused and Continuous Development
  • Reliability and Honesty
  • Team Spirit and Solidarity
  • Team Work
  • Self-Confidence
  • Global Vision
  • Transparency

Human Resources Objective

  • Recruitment of qualified labour in line with our company’s target and strategy,
  • Ensuring the utilization of labour force in the most productive way,
  • Prioritization of our personnel’s motivation and loyalty to our firm,
  • Provision of continuous training and self-development opportunities for our staff,
  • By offering career planning, maximization of our worker’s productivity,
  • Provision of equality of opportunity among our workers,
  • Pursue transparent and open management policy for our personnel,
  • We are concerned to protect material and non-material rights of our staff.