About Us

Our company was established in 2005 to provide services in the international transportation sector.

It offers distinguishing solutions for the demands of the sector with its expert staff. EBAM has accomplished to be the most reliable partner of its customers in a short time by virtue of its powerful and specific solution-focused fleet that is designed to fulfil all various demands.

Righteousness and honesty constitute the main principles. As a result of our principles, we come up with creative solutions with a customer-focused service approach. From production inputs to the delivery of final product, EBAM always stands by its customers.

We keep track of technological innovations in the sector that we operate simultaneously with the World and we meet present and potential requirements of our customers.

All vehicles are monitored through the world’s most well-equipped vehicle tracking system 24/7. Our customers have the opportunity to track the vehicles that they load their products by themselves.

Our Aegean region-based company established dominance and professionalism in the Mediterranean and Marmara region, as well in a short time; in addition, it has a strong staff improved with regular trainings and a young advanced fleet.

Apart from complete transportation, EBAM provides partial transportation to/from European countries back and forth.

Ro-Ro, Landfreight and Express transport services are scheduled in accordance with customer needs each single day of the week.

Besides offering the fastest and the most reliable service to our customers, our vehicle fleet is make up of the newest vehicles having the lowest CO2 emissions, of which are in EURO V norm, with the principle of human health and environmental protection.

EBAM GMBH, our own company located in Germany, we maintain sales and marketing activities together with storage, transfer, collection of goods and customs clearence services.